Do you know when you’re looking for that perfect boot, dress, skirt…and can picture it but cant find it anywhere…ahgggrrrr! How annoying! 

Well i’ve been after a pair of bikery, lace up boots forever, and don’t get me wrong there have been loads around and some may say i’m a bit late as they’ve been really popular since aw07!  But biker boots for me have never been in or out, they’re a classic and i did see a pair i liked a while back on the M&S website  but lo and behold they have sold out and aren’t getting anyore in..noooo! 

But just as the weather’s starting to warm up, i happen to find the PERFECT pair that i came across on Who What Wear by Devotte at Revolve Clothing, which is typical, but dresses/skirts and boots are my thing so i’m more than happy.  The only setback is that they’re nearly £300 and are from America!  My birthdays coming up in just over a week so i’m contemplating whether to use most if not all of my birthday money (depending on how much i get) on these boots or whether to go on a shopping spree as i’ll be in London for the weekend and would cry knowing that ive blown everything on a pair of boots and find better for a fraction of what  i paid…

What do you think…Are they worth it???

devotte crushed boots1

devotte crushed boots

and they have them in brown…

Devotte crushed lace up boot brown

my first love…


an alternative  by Dr Martens at Schuh which i’ve had my eye on for a while but not completely sold on yet and not quite sure why..???

doc martens dm triumph 1914doc martens


I’ve been on a recent hunt for some quirky vintage style jewellery and in particular a birdcage necklace and was really pleased when I came across This Charming Girl’s website which has a great range of handmade vintage and contemporary pieces by a designer called Jacqueline Currie.  I was even more pleased when I clicked in and saw the surprisingly reasonable prices. 

Spoilt for choice you will be and everything you see will all of sudden become a need.  Here are some of my favourites which will add interest to any outfit…

birdcage necklace

lips necklace

heirloom earrings

penny farthing necklace

treasure-chest-necklaceteapot earringsLove letter necklace

Summer Breeze

Went mooching around the shops of Brum today which was meant to be a present buying trip but I just couldn’t help having a look for myself too since my birthdays coming up in less than a month YAY! So I decided to take a few pics (sorry about the poor picture quality) of some of the looks I was inspired by for summer along with some I found while net window shopping…enjoy x

My First Post!!

Well this is it. After a few months of umm-ing and ahh-ing, I’ve finally got down to writing my fashion blog.  I’ve been a huge fan of other people’s blogs on fashion and have always wanted to write my own so I thought I’d give it a try.

Please bear with me while I learn WordPress though! I’m just getting to grips with all these categories and tag options

Anyway, let me start off by sharing with you my shopping wish list for the week…

(L-R) Topshop Gladiators, H&M Scarf, Urban Outfitters Aztec Leggings, Future Classics Dress, River Island Multi Buckle sandals, Free People Fishtail Braid Sandalsps.

ps. sorry about the super small pics…still trying to figure out how to make them bigger. You can always click on the image to make it bigger but if anyone knows how to make the images bigger in the firstplace pre-clicking into them, then please please let me know-thanks 🙂 x